On 8th April 1962, the LEBRERO brothers formed, in Milagro (Spain) the company Industrias LEBRERO S.R.C., with the objective of manufacturing machinery for use in public works.

Since 1954, they had manufactured farm machinery within the region, which had given them notable success and prestige.
In 1963, they moved the operation to the city of Zaragoza, with a small plant of 1000 square metres, where they began to manufacture light machinery.

In 1967, new facilities were built where vibratory rollers were manufactured. Further expansion in 1986, 1989 and 1992 followed, giving today's' production facilities an area of more than 31 000 square metres, where the full range of LEBRERO products are currently manufactured.

Almost fifty years of activity in the market have meant that the company enjoys worldwide renown and respect in its field.

Each and every effort is dedicated to you, the customer, as you have supported us with your confidence and trust.

LEBRERO today is a Partnership with TELCON (Telco Construction Equipment Company Limited) which currently holds 60% stake.The Company  enjoys a position of recognized prestige in the international market of capital goods.

Our products are approved and checked in the principal laboratories of the world and sold on five continents. Our global strategies, growth and quality have given us our position in the capital goods market.

We are committed to maintain this position and to increase our market share. With this in mind, we constantly invest in a continual research and development programme.

Our customers, our human potential (our staff) and our capacity for innovation are the solid basis for optimism in the future, something we would like to share with you.


TELCON belongs to one of the oldest and most respected business houses from India – The TATA Group. TELCON is a 60:40 JV between TATA MOTORS and HITACHI CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY, Japan. TELCON is involved in the design , manufacture, sales and service of a wide variety of construction equipment including Hydraulic Excavators, Wheel loaders , Dumpers, Backhoe loaders and the like. Commencing operations in 1961 in Jamshedpur ,India TELCON has two manufacturing plants (Jamshedpur & Dharwad) and a third one under commission (Kharagpur). TELCON’s product Technology , Product range and long standing presence in the business are duly matched by it’s leadership in the market place, where it is in the leading position


The high quality of our products is illustrated by the support, trust and confidence shown to us by our customers.

However, our own strategy for quality is even more demanding: customer satisfaction is paramount for the entire team at LEBRERO, which, after years of training, is ready to provide the high level of service required and expected.

This is further explained in our Quality Control Manual, which is in compliance with the international ISO 9001 standard, certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.
The precision and detail with which our design team makes the product, is reflected in the quality of our machines and their excellent performance on the job, an important aspect of the service which we offer our customers as it increases the efficiency of their work.


For LEBRERO, customer service and support is a fundamental policy objective.

Due to the quality of the components used, our machines enjoy a high level of reliability.

However, in the nature of the stressful work in which our machines are involved, spare parts are occasionally required urgently.

At LEBRERO, we have a stock of 26000 spare parts, guaranteeing the immediate supply of replacement components, should any problem occur.
Due to the high level of technology involved, our distributor's mechanics are trained at our plant in Zaragoza, gaining a very high level of skill and expertise, it should therefore, come as no surprise to find that our machines have a high residual value.

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